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History of Tango
Read how tango started among the lower classes of Buenos Aires in Argentina and travelled across the atlantic to become the most popular dance in in the beginning of the 19th century.
Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla are regarded as the most influencial figures in tango history.

Buenos Aires
The cultural meltingpot of Buenos Aires was the setting of the early Tango history. Explore BA by videos, maps and pictures in ba-guide.com.

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Styles of Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango consists of a variety of styles developed during different time-periods and in different regions.

Tango Music
Carlos Gardel became especially associated with the transition from a lower-class "gangster" music to a respectable middle-class dance. He helped develop tango-canción in the 1920s and became one of the most popular tango artists of all time. He was also one of the precursors of the Golden Age of tango.

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Tango Worldwide
Tango is danced all over the world, and in our link-collection you are likely to find a contact in your own home-country.

Tango Video
Looking for inspiration? We will update our pages regulary with videos of great Tango performances and music-videos.

Tango products
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The history of tango began in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the late 19th century. The dance started in the lower-class districts of Buenos Aires taking place in the periphery of the city, bars, cafes and courtyards. Then tango took the next step into more established Dancing Houses and later inside middle and high class Argentinian homes.

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Tango started among ordinary Argentinians

The themes always refered to the ordinary man and his problems, the city and memories. Thus, tango became a portrayal of Buenos Aires and its people. For this reason, undoubtedly, since the best of the Buenos Aires culture is carried in each song, tango gained ground abroad.argentina tango

Tango travelled abroad

In the early years of the twentieth century tango started its pilgrimage to Europe when dancers and orchestras from Buenos Aires travelled to the big European cities. Untill the early 50's Argentina was listed as one of the 10 richest countries in the world, and many Argentinians maintained big homes in Paris and London, linking European nobility to Tango through big parties accompanied by professional dancers from Buenos Aires giving tango-lessons.

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Tango became a huge hit in the big capitals; London, Rome, Berlin and New York. 1913 became a peak year for tango all over the world beeing the dance everyone wanted to learn, even changing fashion making women give up their Victorian corset so they could better master the dance.

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Ana Paula Santiago & Marcelo Martins - Mostra Retoque de Tango.

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