Tango Terms

Click CTRL + F to search the page AbrazoThe embrace; a hug; or dance position. AdelanteForward. AdornoAdornment; embellishment. See Firulete. Aficionado (Afficionado)From afición – liking; amateur; fancier: An enthusiastic admirer or follower; a devotee or… Read More »Tango Terms


Milonga is essentially Tango; the differences lie in the music, which has a strongly-accented beat, and an underlying “habanera” rhythm. Dancers avoid pausing and often introduce syncopations and broken rhythm into their walks and turns.… Read More »Milonga

Astor Piazzolla Biography

Stravinskian rhythmic stabs, sparse-textured counterpoint, jazz harmony and driving bass lines to harass the tortured souls of violin and bandoneon into ever more lachrymose and sinuous displays of virtuosity. Through these means, Piazzolla renewed both… Read More »Astor Piazzolla Biography