Tango can be danced in a variety of styles and accompanied by different types of music. These styles vary in tempo and fundamental movements. Most modern dancers do not allow themselves to be pigeonholed into a particular style and incorporate various styles and ideas into their movements. Some are even unhappy when their are told what particular style of tango they dance. But at the end, it is as easy(or complicated) to see a particular style as it is to tell the difference between an impressionist painting and a modernist one.

Tango Quotes

“El Tango es un pensamiento triste que hasta se puede bailar”The Tango is a sad thought that you can dance. (Enrique Santos Discépolo) “Dancers are the athletes of God” -Albert Einstein “Dancing is a vertical… Read More »Tango Quotes

Tango in Finland

Finnish tango is an established variation of the Argentine tango and one of the most enduring and popular music forms in Finland. Brought to Europe in the 1910s by travelling musicians, Finns began to take… Read More »Tango in Finland

Dance Steps

In the social tango, dancers improvise within a basic vocabulary of steps and figures in an intuitive, spontaneous translation of sound to motion. This form of tango beautifully illustrates how dance translates music into physical… Read More »Dance Steps

Tango Terms

Click CTRL + F to search the page AbrazoThe embrace; a hug; or dance position. AdelanteForward. AdornoAdornment; embellishment. See Firulete. Aficionado (Afficionado)From afición – liking; amateur; fancier: An enthusiastic admirer or follower; a devotee or… Read More »Tango Terms


Milonga is essentially Tango; the differences lie in the music, which has a strongly-accented beat, and an underlying “habanera” rhythm. Dancers avoid pausing and often introduce syncopations and broken rhythm into their walks and turns.… Read More »Milonga