Tango Quotes

“El Tango es un pensamiento triste que hasta se puede bailar”
The Tango is a sad thought that you can dance. (Enrique Santos Discépolo)

“Dancers are the athletes of God” -Albert Einstein

“Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.”- George Bernard Shaw

“The forms of tango are like stages of a marriage. The American tango is like the beginning of a love affair, when you’re both very romantic and on your best behavior. The Argentine tango is when you’re in the heat of things and all kinds of emotions are flying: passion, anger, humor. The International tango is like the end of the marriage, when you’re staying together for the sake of the children.”

“Tango bubbled up from the brothels and low-life, so when I see scruffy young people dancing tango in gym shoes and jeans, I think that’s great.”

GARCIN: So it’s a man you need?
ESTELLE: Not any man. You.
GARCIN: No humbug now. Any man would do your business. As I happen to be here, you want me. Mind, I’m not your sort at all, really; I’m not a young nincompoop and I don’t dance the tango.
— from No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre

” the infinite tango takes me towards everything “.
como dice Borges: “El infinito tango me lleva hacia todo”.

” and I hear the echo of those tangos of Arolas and Greco
that I have seen danced in the streets “
“Y oigo el eco de esos tangos de Arolas y de Greco
que yo he visto bailar en las veredas”.
Jorge Luis Borges, poema “El tango”

“The tango is a direct expression of something that poets have often tried to state in words: the belief that a fight may be a celebration. “
“El Tango es la directa expresión de lo que comúnmente los poetas han tratado de definir en palabras como: la creencia de que la lucha puede ser un festejo” Jorge Luis Borges.

“It is no indication of insanity to tango. This was settled yesterday by a lunacy commission which decided that Sadie Jefferson is sane. It was alleged the woman tangoed all the way to police headquarters recently when she was arrested.”
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt

“El Tango es el producto cultural más auténtico del país de los argentinos “
The Tango is more authentic cultural product of the Argentineans. (Ernesto Sábato)

“Sin Calles ni atardeceres de Buenos Aires no puede escribirse un Tango “
Without the streets nor dusks of Buenos Aires a Tango cannot be written (Jorge Luis Borges)

El Tango es el pulso natural de la muñeca de Buenos Aires
The Tango is the natural pulse (of the wrist) of Buenos Aires (Leopoldo Marechal)

“Dancing with abandon, turning a tango into a fertility rite”
Marshall Pugh- British journalist

The Tango expresses that distance between which everyone does and what it is.
“El Tango expresa esa distancia entre lo que cada cual hace y lo que es” (Alberto Girri)

“The Winter Palace flamed in all its windows like a mountain pierced with holes and lit by an internal fire. The galley stretched long and deep with its polished columns and gleaming floors in which were reflected the gold, the candles and the paintings…The whirlwind of the waltz billowed the dresses like those of whirling dervishes, and in the speed of evolution, the nets of diamonds and the strands of gold elongated themselves in serpentine flashes like lightning, and little gloved hands placed delicately on the epaulettes of waltzers looked like white camellias in vases of solid gold.” Theophile Gaultier (describing a ball at the Winter Palace at St.
Petersburg, 1858)

“We enter this world alone. We leave it pretty much the same way. And in-between, a dance we call life. Problem is it takes two to Tango. So we look for signs; something to help us to find our perfect partners. A smile, a wave. But we have to be careful; because while some signs can be misinterpreted, others can be missed completely….Some dances you sit out. Others you change partners. The important thing is…you never stop dancing.” –Chuck Fishman, Early Edition

ad nauseum… “It takes two…”